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Within complex, highly regulated, and sometimes harsh environments, providing a consistently high level of security can be a challenge. At AVTEL we rise to that challenge by understanding our customer’s needs, gained through years of experience enabling a tailor-made security solution to be implemented so that our customers can concentrate on the core operation of their business in the knowledge that their security system complies with current regulations and requirements.

Pharmaceutical Access Control Systems

At AVTEL, we focus on providing top-class security technologies to businesses in all industries. We know that within the pharmaceutical sector, the key requirements are to ensure effective protection of assets, facilities, and people. Our expert team design and integrate key security solutions to ensure your ongoing safety.

AVTEL provide:

Technical excellence

AVTEL’s team of experts are knowledgeable on all legacy and new security systems and provide a best in class service for your project

Best practice

AVTEL design and integrate effective security systems based on best practice and are up to date on new developments and initiatives within the industry

Delivering on our promises

Integrity is one of AVTEL’s key values and we strive to deliver top class customer service across all projects, at all times

Cost efficiencies

AVTEL pride ourselves on being able to provide the best security solution for you at the best possible price


We understand the need to protect sensitive information. AVTEL respect and adhere to client led documentation and requirements

Peace of mind

Our specialist team strive to provide you with the latest in technological advancements, giving you a bespoke security solution that allows you to focus on your business

Our services

We design, install and support large integrated security systems. These systems are generally connected to the corporate network allowing for remote centralised monitoring and management. We provide high quality design services as well as installation and maintenance.


Well-maintained systems last longer and minimise downtime. We can work as your reliable partner in service contracts, with a 24/7 helpdesk, diagnostics, performance reviews against SLAs and spares programmes. We offer a responsive and flexible service that fits around your operations to ensure your assets remain protected.


Custom Solutions

AVTEL work to provide innovative protective solutions for business across the globe. You can put your trust in us to design and install your bespoke security package and to ensure operational consistency throughout.


Managed Services

Security systems are sophisticated. Once a new system or upgrade is in place, you may require software training or end-user support to help manage or oversee it. We place staff – onsite or remotely – with IT and operational expertise to administer databases and manage systems to ensure they’re working efficiently.


System Implementation

If you require an installer, Avtel can implement the most complex security systems with a meticulous and uniquely comprehensive approach. The entire process is taken care of, including independent auditing of system commissioning and quality control.



As niche security product specialists, we share in-depth knowledge of the most effective products on the market. Avtel is an approved reseller able to recommend and supply traditional and modern security equipment from leading manufacturers, including handling shipping and customs issues.


Solution and Design Engineering

The key to designing the right security system is to fully understand your situation, risks and challenges – both physical and cultural. We will scope out and liaise with your team before developing an innovative solution that meets all your operating, software and budgetary requirements.