Sustainability - AVTEL Access Control Systems


AT AVTEL we are dedicated to making the world a better place and being a conservation leader in our industry. We are focusing on having a Zero Carbon Footprint and transitioning to renewable energy sources such as electric vehicles and using solar, wind, and alternative cleaner energy sources where and when available to us. Our aim is to develop a GREEN footprint and be as socially responsible as possible.

How we do it

AVTEL has created a working group across the whole business consisting of employees and management, through which we have achieved a status of Carbon Neutral with a strong focus on making Carbon Zero a reality in the coming years. Our commitment to this effort spans the whole company starting with our founders and board of directors, through management our employees who are all working together to reach our goals. We are doing this for our customers as well as our employees to make this world a better place for the next generation.

Carbon Footprint

AVTEL has partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading organization specializing in carbon footprint measurement and certification. By regularly measuring our emissions, AVTEL is able to accurately assess and quantify its carbon emissions across various aspects of its operations. This certification process enables AVTEL to gain a comprehensive understanding of its carbon footprint, identifying areas where emissions can be reduced and mitigated. With each passing year, AVTEL strives to minimize its reliance on emissions offsetting, aiming to continuously decrease its carbon footprint through proactive sustainability measures.

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EcoVadis is a renowned global platform that assesses and rates companies’ sustainability and social responsibility practices. AVTEL recognizes the importance of such assessments and underwent the EcoVadis assessment for its Japanese entity since 2022.

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Freedom Flight

AVTEL proudly supports the Freedom Flight Prize initiative as a sponsor. The Freedom Flight Prize is a groundbreaking competition that aims to foster innovation and advancement in sustainable aviation. By encouraging the development of emission-free aircraft technologies, the initiative aligns perfectly with AVTEL’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. 

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