Sustainability - AVTEL Access Control Systems


AVTEL is committed to sustainability and to being an environmental conservation leader in our industry. We have achieved carbon neutral status for our location-based operations, and we are focussed on delivering Carbon Neutrality across the wider business. Our aim is to develop a GREEN footprint and be as socially responsible as possible.

How we do it

To support ESG (Environmental & Social Governance) program, our environmental committee are working with external partners to assess, and to find ways to actively reduce and offset our carbon footprint (through a combination of efficiency measures and funding of emission reduction projects). Furthermore, we are assessing our policies and practices through a trusted partner who rate us against other companies in our industry. For AVTEL, sustainability is a continuous journey and we have adopted a holistic approach involving everyone in the business, from founders and board members to management and employees. This plays a vital role in making a meaningful impact. By integrating sustainable practices into the company’s DNA, we contribute not only to a better world for the next generation but also to the long-term success and resilience of the business.

Carbon Footprint

AVTEL has partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading organization specializing in carbon footprint measurement and certification. By regularly measuring our emissions, AVTEL is able to accurately assess and quantify its carbon emissions across various aspects of its operations. This certification process enables AVTEL to gain a comprehensive understanding of its carbon footprint, identifying areas where emissions can be reduced and mitigated. With each passing year, AVTEL strives to minimize its reliance on emissions offsetting, aiming to continuously decrease its carbon footprint through proactive sustainability measures.

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EcoVadis is a renowned global platform that assesses and rates companies’ sustainability and social responsibility practices. AVTEL recognizes the importance of such assessments and  has been undergoing the EcoVadis assessment since 2022.

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Freedom Flight

AVTEL proudly supports the Freedom Flight Prize initiative as a sponsor. The Freedom Flight Prize is a groundbreaking competition that aims to foster innovation and advancement in sustainable aviation. By encouraging the development of emission-free aircraft technologies, the initiative aligns perfectly with AVTEL’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. 

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Environmental Working Group

At AVTEL, our commitment to sustainability is embodied by our dedicated Environmental Working Group. Comprising passionate AVTEL volunteers, this global team convenes monthly online, bringing together representatives from all AVTEL entities worldwide. Our mission is to promote sustainability within AVTEL, addressing environmental, sustainability, and waste-related topics. As agents of positive change, we strive to foster a greener and more sustainable future for our organization and the communities we impact.

AVTEL's Tree Planting Initiative in Kenya

On November 9th, 2023, AVTEL undertook a significant environmental initiative by planting 273 trees in Kenya. This collective effort contributed to a remarkable total of 2000 trees planted on that day, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Location: The tree planting took place at the Kikuyu Escarpment Forest, situated just 50 miles from Nairobi, on the Upper side of the Great Rift Valley. This once arid and rocky area is now transforming into a flourishing, indigenous forest.

Carbon Footprint Impact: While the precise impact is challenging to quantify, each tree is estimated to sequester approximately a third of a tonne of CO2 over its lifespan. Notably, trees in Kenya exhibit accelerated growth compared to those in other regions, enhancing their carbon absorption potential.

AVTEL’s Ongoing Commitment: These trees complement our existing efforts in official carbon offsetting and our support for deforestation projects in Congo and Cambodia.

For additional information on our Kenya reforestation project, please visit Carbon Footprint’s website: – Kenya Reforestation – Plant trees to offset your emissions.