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Company culture

We value our people over everything and firmly believe our company is stronger when our team is happier. Although we’re stationed across the globe, we’re a team, and we work for each other.

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Our purpose

Securing your future through outstanding customer commitment. Our whole culture is that if we make our employees happy they make our customers happy.

The AVTEL way

Learn and grow with AVTEL

Our culture has always been an integral part of who we are as a company. The way we act and interact is based on trust, respect and an unending focus on customer commitment.


We remain strongly committed to providing meaningful work and empowerment to make a difference through the development of strong skills. That’s why we offer extensive opportunities for personal and professional development for the journey ahead.


We work, live, and play in many countries. What brings us together is our ability to communicate effectively which enables us to work collaboratively with people all around the world who may not share the same native language. We ask to understand and listen to learn.


We strive to hire the best but above all we value our integrity, ensuring peoples’ ideas are attributed to them, and be honest about our strengths and opportunities for improvement. Whether you’re a trainee recruit or a Senior Director, we treat people with respect and honesty.


Our passion is to build an excited, enthusiastic, and engaged workforce.  Our internal staff “Time to Listen” survey informs and guides our decisions and actions on our journey of continuous improvement for everyone to feel and be valued and connected at AVTEL.



Our cultural evolution has been vital to our success, we believe that people do business with people and this forms the basis of AVTEL’s caring approach to the colleagues, customers and suppliers who work with us.

Why work with us?

Career development flourishes in an environment of openness and transparency. We strive to ensure information about performance and possibilities is clear and unambiguous precisely because its what employees need for their development going forward. By focusing upon results we make career development a reality through measurable achievement. We ensure every employee has unrestricted access to a diverse online library coupled with curated content and programmes aligned to a job role or technical specialism to support them along the way.

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Have your say

Not only do you have your opportunity to voice your opinions and ideas, but you are able to see their progression through transparent managerial follow-up.

Environmentally friendly

Work for a company that cares about sustainability and the environment. Take part in initiatives and put forward your own ideas. Our mission is to make AVTEL Carbon Negative by 2025.

Flexible work environment

Remote and flexible working opportunities are available, ensuring that company goals and employee work/life balance needs are both met.

Career development

Our focus is on the development of our staff through consistent up- to-date training and opportunities for further qualifications.