Simon Zola - AVTEL Access Control Systems

A Day in the life of Simon Zola

Group Sales Manager



My work life is built around Avtel customers, Avtel staff and our common stakeholders. My daily cadence is often dictated by the most pressing needs, as well as the constant flow of mail and communications.

I start my day by acting on my inbound mail making sure I prioritise the most pressing needs.

Like many staff, I have numerous meetings to attend within our business entities. The discussions I participate in span across, clients, continents, opportunities, suppliers, technologies, procurement, and delivery.

My passion is hunting opportunities, and I have had a focus on the data centre vertical across a global footprint.

I am a hunter at heart, I see the world as one. A giant web of interconnected people, companies, and opportunities. No one client, person or opportunity exists in isolation. Everything that each one of us does potentially affects someone else, somewhere else, immediately or in the future.

My natural stance is asking, researching, collating, and connecting people, projects, technologies, and solutions. In my mind, our clients and potential client’s slot into a giant jigsaw.

My outlook on life is that one can never have too much information. Life has taught me that a seemingly small and most insignificant piece of information can change an outcome.

I guess I seek understanding because I want to know why? When I know why I can better plan how we can help, what to look out for to make sure we can fulfil the expectation.

That’s a lot of information gathering, so I take notes and more notes, which I willingly share. Details gathered are for the Team so we might benefit by connecting pieces of the puzzle to make the winning difference.

I have learnt in sales that nothing is more certain than If they are not talking to you then they are talking to someone else”

My non-work life is occupied raising my soon to be adult twins. The three of us share our home except I have all the household jobs 😊 (poor management on my part)

My daily relaxation consists of the gym, cooking cleaning and chores. I am at my happiest in nature, bushwalking/orienteering and windsurfing when it’s 15 knots. Recently I have been recharging on day and overnight hikes.

My work/relax balance is key to keeping energised and ice baths help to keep me alert. I am blessed to be living in Perth the most isolated capital city in the world.

Working with Avtel has proven and continues to demonstrate that an interconnected world allows one to participate globally from any isolated location.